Financial Support

BANN offers educational grant for attending Conferences, Study Tours or undertaking Research.

  • Applicants must be Full or Associate members of the Association whose fees are paid up to date.
  • Applicants attending study days/workshops/conferences, etc. – relevant to Neuroscience Nursing – who are presenting a paper or leading a session, and whose expenses are not met in full from any other source.
  • Applicants on longer courses, e.g., undertaking a project or research work that will benefit the Association/Neuroscience Nursing. N.B. – Fees for post-registration courses will not be paid, but additional expenses (such as for research) will be considered.
  • Applicants must submit their request on the relevant application form to the BANN President.
  • The BANN Executive Board will decide the amount of money to be awarded; this may not be the full amount requested by the applicant. Each application will be considered on individual merit and according to funds available for the year.
  • Applicants awarded a grant must submit a written report/copy of the paper presented to the BANN President within four months of completion. 
  • The grant will be paid after the applicant provides proof of attendance on the course, proof of expenses (original receipts) and upon fulfillment of the above point.
  • The BANN Executive Board may consider giving the grant in advance in some circumstances. The applicant will then be required to sign a written contract to confirm that money will be paid back to the Association if it is not used for the stated purpose within a specified time.
  • The applicant must make acknowledgment of financial support by the BANN in any written or verbal presentation.
  • Grants will not be paid more than once a year to the same individual.

Coming soon application forms for financial support