Membership Application

Full membership

  • Nurses who are on Parts 1, 2 or 5 of the NMC Register and who work with Neuroscience patients are eligible for full membership.
  • Nurses who have been involved with Neuroscience patients in the past and who wish to remain in contact with the Association are eligible to do so.
  • The FULL membership fees is £30 per annum

Affiliated membership

  • In the interests of effective interprofessional working and learning, BANN has agreed to broaden its membership base to accept Affiliated Members. BANN may accept or will consider affiliated membership of national, regional or international organisations related to Neurosciences. 
  • Affiliated members will have no voting or nomination rights, but will have the right at conferences or AGM etc. to allow their viewpoint to be aired prior to voting.
  • AFFILIATED membership costs £15.00 per annum.

Honorary Membership

  • Honorary membership may be conferred on a neuroscience nurse at the discretion of the Board, for services to the Association or neuroscience nursing.
  • To view Honorary members click here

To apply for BANN membership or to contact us about membership please click below