About BANN

  • Neuroscience nursing is recognised as a speciality in the UK by the public and the healthcare systems, encouraging interest & awareness of the special needs of neuroscience patients.
  • Nursing care will be delivered by competent neuroscience nurses to promote the highest standards of care within the speciality.
  • The services of the BANN are available to every nurse caring for a patient with a neurological disorder.
  • Neuroscience nursing knowledge is available to neuroscience nurses in the UK.
  • To influence local and national policy, strategic direction and decision making in the field of neuroscience.
  • Strengthen links with other Neuroscience organisations including European and World for the benefit of UK Neuroscience Nurses and patients and to encourage & give the opportunity for exchange of ideas in this country and abroad.

Equality and Diversity

  • BANN is committed to promoting equality and diversity in all its activities to promote inclusive practices and culture that recognises and develops the potential of all.
  • BANN will strive to work to eliminate any unlawful or unfair direct or indirect discrimination including: discrimination by association, or linked to a perceived characteristic, or harassment and victimisation.
  • BANN will be proactive in taking steps to ensure that our work reflects the diverse communities we represent.