Honorary Membership

Honorary membership is conferred on individuals by the BANN committee.

This is on retirement/stepping down from work/BANN.

This is conferred on individuals who have had a significant impact on Neurosciences during their working life. They may or may not have held an executive board position. The membership is free

(P) indicates Past President

K Snape (P) 1971-73Manchester Royal
Barbara Nixon (P) 1973-1975Maudsley and Midland Centre for Neurology & Neurosurgery Birmingham
Lucy Hughes (P) 1977-1979 North Staffs and Walton
Joyce Haskell (P) 1978Western General Edinburgh
Gloria Sayers (P) 1979-1985Preston
Ann Major 1990Hull
Betine HobdayOldchurch
Enid RamsdenOldchurch
Margaret ClarkeOldchurch
Phyliss Holt 1995Maudsley London
Andrea Hunt 1992Maida Vale London
Margo Miller Maida Vale London
Pat Cooksley 1990Derriford Plymouth
Eleanor JacksonFrenchay Bristol
Ann DouglasWestern General Edinburgh
Kerry Humble 2002Western General Edinburgh
Ainsley McGibbon 2001Western General Edniburgh
Lesley Pemberton 2006Preston
Elizabeth Preston (P) 1985-2007Western General Edinburgh
Shanne MacNamara 2010Western General Edinburgh
Judith Withers 2009John Radcliffe Oxford
Kate McArdle 2010John Radcliffe Oxford
Andrew Carter John Radcliffe Oxford
Dee Cope 2022Queen Elizabeth Birmingham
Elaine Pearce 2022Queen Elizabeth Birmingham