Developing and promoting neuroscience best practice.


NNBG LogoThe group is committed to establishing areas for improving neuroscience practice through searching for the best evidence and developing policies and guidelines. 

Each benchmark consists of four areas; policies, documentation, staff education and patient information.  

The Neuroscience Benchmarks provide  “Best Practice Guidelines” and service delivery. 

Published Benchmarks 

No.1 Neurological observations
No.2 Tracheostomy management version 2017
No.3 Cerebral angiography 
No.4 Restraint (physical)
No.5 Lumbar puncture
No.6 CSF drainage version 2017
No.7 Administration of Inotropes
No.8 Infection Prevention and Control of Surgical Wounds Sites
No.9 Administration of Immunoglobulin
No.10 Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

In progress

No. 11 Management of patient with Challenging Behaviour and Cognitive impairment
No. 12 Pituitary surgery

This group was established in the 1990's as a result of growing concerns over inconsistencies in practices, acknowledging that the clinical practice benchmarking process had the potential to address these concerns and produce sustainable improvements.

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Royal Hallamshire Hospital
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t: 0114 2 713602